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WorldRemit invites its customers to celebrate the love, hard work and devotion of people working far away from home.

The WorldRemit consumer has a work ethic like no other, they've had a long journey from their home town to their current position abroad; and they've worked hard to get here. Our objective was to create a film that enabled these people to feel pride in that; to illustrate that WorldRemit knows exactly how much they have sacrificed to get here; and to communicate that their hard-earned money will be kept in safe hands through WorldRemit.

Our mission, and we choose to accept it, was to convey these stories through a thirty second TV commercial for the digital money transfer service. We travelled to Johannesburg to make our vision a reality.

Brave Spark's aim was to create an emotional reaction to the film, communicate WorldRemit's brand values and explain the product through visual cues. In addition to this, we wanted to illustrate a variety of professions and ethnicities to relate to our consumers; and in turn reach a wide range of markets, whilst being general enough to ensure we weren't leaving anyone out. Simple!

‘Money in Safe Hands' uses the journey of an individual's hands; old and young, big and small, as the key visual to communicate this key message; that with WorldRemit, no matter where a person is in the world, they can send money home at the touch of a button.

After lengthy research to pin down the perfect filming location, we landed on South Africa, due to the versatility of its landscape. This location was also perfect for casting -  enabling us to work with a diverse array of people from a range of ethnicities and backgrounds. Add to that the weather - perfect for filming in the cold and crisp JoBurg winter.

With thirty two cast members, over eighteen locations and one road closure, this was a big project, but a goodie! Check it out.

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