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WorldRemit's global TV ad takes to the Mojave Desert to illuminate the lives of UK migrants, and their families across the globe.

Our latest TVC for the money transfer service comes straight from the dazzling white sands of the Mojave Desert. The message?

“Discover a better way to send money”

Shot primarily at magic hour over two days; Brave Spark took twenty seven cast members and forty crew (including three WorldRemit employees no less), to this remarkable environment; a dry lake bed, home to the deadliest snake in the world, the Mojave Green. And were we bothered?...Well, perhaps a little.

After lengthy talks with the United States airforce we cemented permissions to film from the air; using drones to capture sweeping aerials of the vast environment, and pairing with an Alexa Mini on the ground. A combination of the personal and the awe-inspiring.

Whilst striking; the unforgiving nature of the environment set a number of obstacles in our sandy path. The second the blistering sun began to set; an icy wind started to pick up – making the task of illuminating paper lanterns and sending them into the sky, impossible.

Never a team to be disheartened, we enlisted the help of a green screen, and our brilliant post-production team back home; who expertly recreated our lanterns as VFX and dropped them into the final film. Genius.

Sandstorms and killer snakes aside, this project was a true adventure to work on. Shot and delivered in four weeks, we were completely chuffed with the final product.

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