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When an asteroid is hurtling towards your house, and you need to sell in record time, We Buy Any Home have your back.

The first in a series of TVC's that dial up the drama of selling your home with a classic movie cliff hanger.

We Buy Any Home wanted to communicate their core offering; that is -  if you need to sell your house quickly, they can make you an offer in 24 hours, with a potential sell in under 7 days.

So we recreated iconic movie moments where a leading character needs to sell their house quickly, starting with an end of world event…

The world's last hope has failed to save the planet, and the asteroid is heading straight for us. The Space Centre is on high alert, a buzz of the world's smartest minds whirring together to work out exactly when and where it'll hit. The reveal is that the asteroid is heading straight for the home of one of the teams quirkier scientists… to an uncomfortable silence across the command centre.

The question then becomes clear - what to do when you ‘Need to get moving?'. This is where We Buy Any Home can help.

With experienced comedy Director Barry Kimber on board, Brave Spark ensured the brand message was delivered in a punchy, yet humorous way to raise brand awareness.

Great casting was key to creating a recognisable sci-fi spoof, as was the art direction, lighting, camera moves, wardrobe and music. To create a convincing world for the film, we also had the music composed as a unique commission, playing on the tropes of a big Hollywood soundtrack, while ending on a bespoke string, that will reappear in the forthcoming ads of this series.

Our biggest challenge was creating the slick sci-fi control room using just one row of desks, a huge green screen and a rotating cast of extras. But luckily, our in-house VFX team were here to help, layering the filmed elements in post-production to create the show stopping, opening shot.

Surprisingly, the mission control room was filmed in an old, semi-derelict basement hall, and was transformed using VFX. The astronaut and asteroid featured at the start of the video also used green screen and required some convincing VFX, to give it the Hollywood touch.

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