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Introducing Visa Navigate, an exclusive Thought Leadership platform.

Brave Spark's objective was to provide key information on retail and transactional environments, for use by Visa's top tier clients. An easy-to-access hub for people on the move.

The exclusive nature of the content meant access to the site was restricted to invite only, though articles could be shared publicly. To increase engagement with the site, users were able to request creation of their own account in order to gain full access.

Key Features

A website with a secure login system, offering quarterly and monthly content updates. In addition, we created a mobile version, implementing a dynamic swiping mechanism to enable users to effortlessly view articles. ‘Share' & ‘Feedback' features allowed users to publicise their thoughts on Visa-related content, with an addition ‘Further Reading' asset at the end of each article. Brave Spark built on this with a unique UK Consumer Spending Index dashboard, and bespoke Consumer Spending Index report, to be published by Visa on a monthly basis. To increase accessibility and digestibility of content further, we pulled this information into an interactive dashboard.

But we weren't finished there. Brave Spark created a dynamic Content Management System (CMS) – enabling Visa to edit and upload content themselves. This was met with a sleek on-boarding process, to increase the ease with which users could be invited to join and sign-up to the platform via email. And our pièce de résistance? Performance Tracking, ensuring the personal experience is optimised for each user.

What's Next?

With exciting plans to create additional features, enhancements and updates, the platform continues to evolve to better meet the user's needs and reflect their unique behaviours.

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