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Introducing Visa Navigate, a thought leadership platform providing insights for a changing world.

Brave Spark was tasked with creating a branded environment and platform that could host a series of exclusive thought leadership content, informing Visa's customers of news and insights from the retail and transactional sector.

The exclusive nature of the content required us to design the website with a credentials challenge and secure login system, so access to the site was by invite only. Individual articles were however enabled to  be shared publicly. Those viewing the site via restricted view were able to request creation of their own account in order to gain full access.

Key Features

The website itself was designed to offer quarterly and monthly content updates.  Various features were included in the build, to ensure the UX was as effective as could be. ‘Share' and ‘Feedback' buttons allowed users to share articles with colleagues and privately inform Visa their thoughts on  each edition of content.  ‘Further reading' was also suggested at the end of each article, to drive dwell time on the site.

Visa publish a monthly Consumer Spending Index report, so we built a digital and interactive visualisation of this, that was exclusive to the site. The public can usually access this as a linear PDF format, but we were challenged with creating a system that could import the  data and present it in an easily digestible, accessible and dynamic way.  Our solution; a digital dashboard that allows users to view what is relevant to them.

To ensure our platform fully served our audience, we created a mobile adaptation of the site, that would make reading on the move easier.  Implementing a z-axis stack of articles that could be navigated through intuitive  swiping gestures, meant users could effortlessly view content .  The user may also swipe right or left to navigate forwards and backwards through the content stack. Swiping up, or tapping to explore the current article and swiping down from the top to share.

Finally to ensure the platform had longevity, and to ensure Visa could eventually manage this themselves, we built a bespoke Content Management System (CMS) – enabling Visa to edit and upload content as they wish.  Performance tracking was also implemented from day one, to ensure we could analyse the behaviours of our users and optimise the site accordingly to improve performance.

What's Next?

With exciting plans to create additional features, enhancements and updates, the platform continues to evolve to better meet the user's needs and reflect their unique behaviours. Each quarter we will see a new  edition of themed content for our audience  to invest in.

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