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Imparting a human face to online banking, with Visa

Visa approached Brave Spark with a mission, to create a docu-case study style video to support an article that would sit on the Visa Navigate site - also built and designed by Brave Spark.

Visa nurtures young FinTech companies from local start-ups to global contenders. The film we developed was a case study of one of these companies, Shieldpay and explored the importance of trust in the digital marketplace.

The video would complement the article and sit within the second content edition of Visa Navigate: A Matter of Trust. Using Visa’s partner Shieldpay we created a 120” explainer video that would discuss the issue and apply this to a real life company and their customers.

The film aimed to highlight the benefits of Shieldpay, exploring the precise manner in which it is revolutionising the future of how we pay each other online. Interviewing the CEO’s of both Shieldpay and Rated People (partners of Shieldpay), our vision was an intimate portrait which encompassed first-hand knowledge from those in the know.

To ensure a high-energy feel, we ditched the tripod, using a hand-held camera throughout. Our focus on close-up’s enabled us to emphasise a sense of intimacy, drawing on our emphasis of the human element of trust.

The tone we created was developed to be both informative and intriguing. By recording the VO directly from the mouths of our contributors, rather than providing a script, we ensured our experts felt less pressure, resulting in a more natural, honest and accessible VO recording. We edited this to ensure we were covering the key focuses behind the Shieldpay’s ideology, whilst maintaining a sense of sincerity and truth.

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