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Bringing Christmas decorations to life with Paperchase. Aubergine anyone?

Paperchase; friendly, confident and a bit cheeky. This is exactly what Brave Spark wanted to encompass in this comedic social short for Christmas 2017; playfully incorporating a large dollop of tongue in cheek, plenty of product and that shareability factor.

So, how to create a stir about Christmas decorations in an advert where the star of the show is a shiny purple aubergine?

Compare them to people of course!

Brave Spark's “Doppelhangers” Christmas campaign was born out of some exceptionally fun casting; our mission? To track down a human unicorn, robot, sausage dog, and that cheeky aubergine. This must have been the most fun we've had on a casting to date. Who knew there were so many aubergines out there?

Filmed in Camberwell Studios on greenscreen, we were able to tailor the backdrop for each character to our client's preferences in post. Once we?'d reviewed the initial cuts, the team also decided that a smattering of animation would bring out the cheeky tone we were going for even further

Bold colour palettes, mischievous music and lots of sparkle brought this campaign, and its 370K views across Paperchase's social platforms within a week of its release, to life.

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