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How do you sensitively communicate the challenges children face online and put this front of mind for parents, as their children head back to school?

We teamed up with Table19 to produce a 30” online video and TVC, to raise awareness of Internet Matters and their ‘Back-to-school hub'.

The task in hand - to shoot a short film that shows a typical mother and son relationship on the first day of the new term, highlighting issues relating to cyberbullying that can often get overlooked by parents among the day-to-day chaos of life.

So how did we make it feel real life and authentic? Using a dolly and track to manoeuvre the camera, we were able to achieve a slow and smooth pan across our actors face, to emphasise the worry and concern in his expression.

Sound effects were used to show the chaos happening around the child, which then blurred out to highlight the emptiness and loneliness of the moment the child was experiencing.

In line with this, a slightly darker grade was selected to create an impactful and cinematic finish.

The result? An emotive film, that encourages parents to ‘Think about it'.

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