Galbani - Come Dine With Me






Come Dine With Me spoofing for Galbani

Italian cheese manufacturer, Galbani, procured Brave Spark’s know-how (and love of dairy), in a comedic campaign to raise brand awareness.

We based our creative around ceaseless mispronunciations of the brand name, loosely tying the concept to regional accents. The tone we aimed to capture was light-hearted and engaging, with a prime spot either side of Come Dine With Me on Channel 4.

Of course, no Come Dine with Me spoof would be complete without Mr Dave Lamb, so Brave Spark took to the casting couch to find the perfect Italian VO Artist to mimic the voice acting legend.

With four weeks between sign off and delivery, our dedicated team worked around the clock to bring the team a glossy series of idents, to raise awareness of Galbani with a cheesy dose of tongue-in-cheek.

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