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Brave Spark relaunch easyProperty on TV screens across the country

When homeseller's sell with easyProperty they have one type of experience: An easy one! And so, we invited homesellers to sell their home the Easy Way in this 30” TV commercial for easyProperty.

The message? A process that was once a strain, is now easy and empowering – after all, everyone deserves an “Easy Ever After”. And that's exactly what our journey with identifiable couple, Bill and Jen, showcased.

By narrating the content as a story, from the "Once Upon a Time" to the "Happily Ever After", our objective was to create a sense of trust implicit in an omnipotent narrator; relaunching the brand in a relatable, warm and faithful way. Experienced Director Katie Bell, magnified this through the use of authentic characters, locations and art direction to enforce the brand's human touch.

Did we say Brave Spark has its own post house?

Oh yes! So, we added a smattering of CGI into the film to lift it from the screen; all tested, developed and finessed by our brilliant post-team.

Mashing symbolic and technical mechanisms, the TVC is propelled throughout; playing with direction to give the piece a continuous, one-shot feel; as we hinge (get it?) the piece around the concept of opening doors.

We filled each scene with unexpected moments of surprise and delight; each time returning to the easyJet branding to make our message and the client clear, easily recognisable and memorable.

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